Serving the Guest
   A Sufi Cookbook & Art Gallery

Essays, Teachings & Tales

Dedication & Acknowledgements
The Source of All Sustenance
The Prophet on Generosity
Food for Remembrance
The Many Flavors of Sufism

Serving the Guest
Good Food In Good Company
Manners & Their Meaning
Excellent Examples
The Edible Metaphor
The Seen & the Unseen
Sweetness & Light
Ripening, Cooking, Burning
In The Kitchen
Serving Love

Grace: Prayers for the Meal
The Opening Invocation
Sufi Prayers Before the Meal
A Mealtime Prayer
A Mealtime Illahi
Prayers of the Prophet
Sufi Prayers to End the Meal

Food & Festivals
Bread & Salt
Food in the Time of Rumi
Consuming Symbols
The Fast & the Festive Table
Leave Room for Sweetness!
On Sacrifice
Sufism & Vegetarianism
Coffee: The Wine of Islam

Teachers & Traditions
Abu Sa'id Abil Khayr
Mevlevi Soul-Cooking
The Chickpea
"First Eat, Then Greet, Then Talk!"
The Example of Bahauddin Naqshband
The Great Provider
The Chakki-Nama
Abdul Qadir Gilani & the Fruits of Paradise
Bektash's Virtual Hajj
Imam Rabbani on Moderation
Bushaq At'imah: "The Gastronomer"
Inayat Khan on Food & Cooking
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen on Sacrifice
Notice to Cooks
Sam's House Rules
Dervish Kitchen Staff Manual
The Food of Impressions

Miracles & Parables
The Night Journey
"Admit Ten": From Tradition
Better Than A Personal Chef
Hallaj in the Desert
Ibn Arabi in Malaga
The King & the Dervish
The Perfect Preservative
Hasan, Habib & the Roast
"Just Add Water!"
The Story of the Toe
The Alphabet of Dervishes
Sari Saltik: A Bektashi Story
You Cannot Feed A Dervish
Cook Sweets!
The Beehive
A Dervish in Need
Road Food
Total Immersion
Man of Cakes
The Patient One
Treasury of Sugar
Kabir & the Unexpected Sadhus
The Dervish at the Gate
The Story of Tea

Tales of Hospitality & Celebration
The King & the Peasant
The Bakers & the Saltmakers
The Cooks of Divine Mercy
The Legendary Hospitality of the Anatolians
A Not-So-Secluded Saint
Feasting the Pasha
Dinner at the Rufai Dergah
Servant of Allah
At The Golden Sufi Center
Where is the Wine?
A Guest At Last!
Memories Of A Modern Ateshbaz

The Recipes
The Gallery
Image Credits
Technical Notes