Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook
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"Admit Ten"
The Prophet Muhammad Received by the Four Angels, Persian, 1436. Click for complete painting.

Abu Talha said to Um Salaim, "I think that the Apostle of God is hungry. Have you got something to eat?" She took out some barley bread, wrapped the loaves in her veil and gave them to Anas ibn Malik, who brought them to the Prophet. There were many men in the mosque; the Prophet commanded them to rise, and they left for Um Salaim's house. Anas ran ahead with the bread and said to her, "This isn't enough to feed everyone who's coming!" She replied, "Allah and His Apostle know better." When the Prophet and his company arrived, he said to Um Salaim, "Bring us whatever you have." She brought out the bread, broke it into pieces and buttered it. The Prophet blessed the food and called out, "Admit ten men." Ten men came in, ate their fill, and left. The Prophet then said, "Admit ten more." Ten more came in, ate their fill, and left. Ten at a time the men entered, ate their fill, and were followed by ten more, until all were satisfied — and there were eighty of them.