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Cook Sweets!
Halvah man! European engraving, 19th century. Click for larger image.

If you subdue your worldly self,
you will become a kernel and will hear its sweet words.
Walnuts speak with their shells,
but where is the voice of the kernel and the oil?
The voice of the kernel isn't heard by the ear of the body;
its voice is hidden in the ear of ecstasy.
Were it not for the kernel's sweet voice,
who would listen to the rattling of walnut-shells?
You endure the rattling only for the sake
of the kernel's silent companionship.
Be without lips and ears for awhile,
then, like lips, be honey's companion.
How long will you go on proclaiming poetry, speeches and mysteries?
Try this experiment: for one day, be silent!
How long have you had a taste for sour and acid dishes?
Try this experiment:
for once, cook sweets!