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Public Domain Images from herbals and old reference books

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Detail from diagram from the Treatise on Opththalmology by Hunayn Ibn Ishaq, 11th century. Click for larger image.

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Islamic Art, European Art and Contemporary Images

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Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship

  • bawa.jpg: Bawa stirs the pot, photographer unknown

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  • paradise.jpg: Detail from Allegory of Heavenly and Earthly Drunkenness, by Sultan Muhammad, Persian 933/1526
  • dervish.jpg: Portrait of a Begging Dervish, Ottoman Turkey, mid-17th Century CE
  • miraj02_large.jpg, angel_tray.jpg: Detail from The Mir'aj: Muhammad on Buraq, Khamsa of Nizami, Persian, mid-16th century CE
  • taziye.jpg: Taziye play, Persian, 19th century
  • mecca_large.jpg, mecca.jpg: Leaf from a pilgrimage guidfe depicting the Ka'aba at Mecca, Mecca, 990/1582

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  • ya_hat.gif: Calligraphy in the form of a dervish hat which says "Ya Hazrat Mevlana" (Praise to Our Master)

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  • sam.jpg: Sam Lewis, photographer unknown

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  • lion.gif: Calligraphic lion made of Shi'i invocations
  • stork_green.gif: Basmalah in the shape of a stork, Turkey, 19th century
  • bawa.gif: Basmalah in the form of a swan, by H.H. Bawa Muhaiyddin, Sri Lanka, ca. 1978

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  • prayer_rug.jpg: Detail from Kashgarlyk uzbek namazlyk prayer rug, first half 19th century

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  • hu.gif: Double waw symbol, Konya

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