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A Mealtime Prayer

Alhamdulillah, zad Allah
Barakata khalil Allah, shafa'at ya rasul Allah
Alhamdulillah alladhi at'amna wa sakana
Wa ja'alna min al-muslimin
ala sahib at ta'am wa akilin
Allahumma nimet al-jalil, barakat al-khalil
Shafa'at ya rasul zid wa la tankus
Bi-hurmati sirri-surati al-Fatihah

Detail from A School Scene, Persian, 1540. Click for complete painting.

Praise be to God! The sustenance of God
The blessing of the friend of God
Intercession, O Messenger of Allah!
Praise be to God who fed us and gave us drink
and made us Muslims
upon the provider of the food and the eaters
Our God, the grace of the Sublime,
the grace of the friend.
Intercession, O Messenger
Increase and do not decrease
In honor of the secret of Surah al-Fatiha