Serving the Guest
   A Sufi Cookbook & Art Gallery

Gallery of Islamic Art

The Prophet Muhammad
Angels Visit Muhammad
Ascent of The Prophet To Heaven
Muhammad On Buraq
The Miraj
Muhammad Received by Four Angels
A Visit To Poor Bedouins
The Prophet On His Prayer-Rug

Calligraphy & Illumination
Qur'anic Calligraphy
al-Kawakib al-durriyya
The Divan of Sultan Husayn
Illuminated Qur'an
Illuminated Qur'an
Illuminated Qur'an
Moroccan Qur'an Tablet
Calligraphic Man
Calligraphic Lion

Scenes from the Life of Abraham
Abraham & The Three Strangers
Abraham Amid The Flames
Abraham's Sacrifice

The Bravery of Ali
Ali Removes A Pillar
The Prowess Of 'Ali

Islamic Contributions to Science
Al-Khwarizmi On Algebra
Anatomy Of The Human Eye
The Pharmacist
The Grapevine
The Lentil
Medicinal Plants

Art of Syria, Baghdad & Egypt
Mosaic Pavement from Jericho
Mosaic from Damascus
Al-Hariri & His Companions
Scene At A Well
The Physician Andromakhos
The Lecture
Al-Harith & His Companions
Abu Zayd Leaves al-Harith
Two Seated Men
The Eastern Isle
Passenger Boat On The Tigris
A Drove Of Camels
A Village Scene
A Wedding Banquet
Solon & His Students
Banquet Of The Physicians
In The Bazaar
Creatures Of The Sea
King Of The Crows
The Bear & The Hooded Crow
The Crows & The Owls
The Ostrich
A Fabulous Animal
The Ikhwan al-Safa
Gabriel & His Trumpet
The Traveller's Rescue
The Wild People

Persian Paintings & Drawings
The Phoenix
Bahram Gur & the Peasants
Mountains & Streams
Wanderers of Transoxiana
The King & The Wonderful Bird
The Four Friends
King Yazdjird & Munzir The Arab
Banquet Scene
Another Banquet Scene
Ladies At A Picnic
The Garden Of Husayn Bayqara
Star-shaped Tile
Tile With Qur'anic Inscription
Mihrab Tile
A Prince Enthroned
A Prince & Princess
Heavenly & Earthly Drunkenness
Barbad Playing Music To Khusraw
A Bearded Man Leans On A Stick
The Conference Of The Birds
A Country Scene
An Enthroned Prince
In A Garden Pavilion
Grinding Grain
Churning Butter
The Feast Of 'Id Begins
In The Mosque
Another Inadequate Gift
The Heavenly Isle
Joseph Enthroned
Khusraw Visits Farhad
The Khagan Of China Meets Alexander
Life At Camp
Life In The City
Lovers Picnicking
Majnun Eavesdrops
Majnun In Chains
Meal Preparations
Nashmi The Archer
Old Man With A Bowl
A Nobleman Prostrates
Qays' First Glimpse Of Layla
The Saki
Scandal In A Mosque
A School Scene
A Seated Princess
A Taziye Play
Portrait Of A Turkman
Young Man Seated Under A Tree
Yusuf Entertained in Court
Yusuf's Escape From The Well

Indian Paintings & Drawings
An Old Woman & Two Sages
Alanquva & Her Three Sons
A Pensive Poet In A Garden
Dara Shikoh & His Teachers
Dara Shikoh & His Companions
Shahjahan Enthroned
Shah Jahan & Shaykh Husayn
Marble Inlay Tile
Mulla Raoza
A Learned Man Teaching

Rembrandt & His Inspiration
Abraham Entertaining the Angels
Four Orientals Beneath A Tree
Indian Miniature

Various & Sundry Dervishes
Portrait Of A Qalandar
Fakhruddin Iraqi & Qalandars
A Dervish & His Acorns
A Dervish Leading A Deer
A Gathering Of Dervishes
A Dervish Warms His Feet
Another Gathering Of Dervishes
Portrait Of A Begging Dervish
Two Roving Dervishes
Dervishes Sitting Beneath A Tree
Intoxicated Dervish
The Prince & The Dervish
Two Sleeping Dervishes
A Bektashi Dervish
Mevlevi Chille
Yet Another Gathering Of Dervishes

Metalwork, Ceramics & Textiles
Earthenware Condiment Dish
Rock Crystal Ewer
Seljuk-Era Goblet
Glass Beaker
Ceremonial Cauldron
Footed Bowl
Inlaid Brass Bowl
Bronze Bucket
Rosewater Bottle
Gold Spoon
A Silk Tapestry
Wall Hanging
Floor Spread
Uzbek Prayer Rug

Anatolian Images
Lovers In A Garden
A Nomadic Encampment
Suleyman The Magnificent
The Sultan & The Mystic
Galata, Istanbul
The Green Parrot of Iznik
Tile Panel From Topkapi Palace
Fireworks For A Night Festival
An Ottoman Parade
Procession Of The Guilds
The Confectioners' Procession
Asci, The Ottoman Kitchen Boss
Halvah Chef
An Ottoman Coffeehouse

Portraits & Photographs
Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi
Mevlana Turning
Mevlana At Rest
Mevlana Teaching
Hajji Bektash
Nur 'Ali Shah
Hazrat Inayat Khan
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
Shaikh Suleyman Hayati Dede
Shaikh Muzaffer Ozak

The Postcard Rack
Whirling Dervishes of Constantinople
Dervishes Large & Small
A Ney Player of Salonica
A Souvenir from Konya
Ottoman Musicians
An Ottoman Coffeehouse
Relaxing in Constantinople
A Turkish Musician
A Baghdad Coffeehouse
Dhikr in Smyrna
The Tomb of the Prophet
A Persian Dervish
Dervishes of Urmia
Dhikr in Cairo
A Shaikh of Cairo
"The Hoaling Dervish"
A Dervish of Cairo
Egyptian Coffee Break
An Algerian Marabout
Picnic At The Cemetery
A Chinese Mosque

Orientalist Impressions
The Mosque of Bou-Medina
Door of The Mosque of Bou-Medina
Exterior of the Great Mosque, Cordoba
Interior of the Great Mosque, Cordoba
Courtyard of the Sultan Bayazid Mosque
A Fountain in Constaninople
Hippodrome & the Blue Mosque
Another Constantinople Fountain
The Convent of the Mevleviyye
Whirling Dervishes
Mosque of Iman Raza
On To Karbala
The Festival of Muharram
Mosque near Trichnopoly
Aladdin's Gate
The Taj Mahal
Gardens of the Taj Mahal

The Recipes
Essays, Teachings & Tales
Image Credits
Technical Notes