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Andalib: Songs of Invocation
Songs of Invocation

LuAnne Hightower

Andalib is an exquisite recording featuring traditional and contemporary devotional songs from the Abrahamic tradition. A graceful fusion of central Asian, western classical and jazz influences, these heartfelt renderings are more a glimpse into an encounter with the sacred than a performance of sacred music.
Soul stirring vocals, extraordinary instrumentals, and the steadfast heartbeat of the bendir drum all converge to weave a sound tapestry that is at once hypnotic and accessible. Andalib features contemporary renderings of traditional Sufi odes, Islamic chants, original settings for selections from the Baha'i writings, and a gloriously jazzed out Amazing Grace. A truly evocative collection of beautiful pieces, all masterfully rendered.

From a review in the January 1998 New Age Publishers and Retailers Association News:
"This technically well-produced album of Islamic songs of invocation is a self-produced solo effort. Hightower plays bendir on some and piano on others, while three are rendered a cappella with gorgeous wavering blue notes. Hightower won me over not only because of her honest delivery and well-controlled tenor descending into bari-tenor -- a tonality I found deeply suited to these worshipful melodies, -- but because she put my favorite Islamic poem, 'The Ruins of the Heart,' on the same album with my favorite gospel tune, 'Amazing Grace.' This devotional album has my highest recommendation."

News flash!
September, 2001:  LuAnne's new group Beloved has just released their first CD. To find out more, please go to the Beloved web site.

Karim Sound Associates
131 Fairview Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301
(802) 254-9778

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